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Alvaro’s Column, Aragon: On great fans, rain, hopping problems and travel

Today the Spanish newspaper AS once again published Álvaro’s latest column, this time about the Grand Prix at Motorland Aragon last weekend. Below you can find the complete translation.

Photo: Gresini Racing / Milagro

The fans were again the best thing of the weekend at Motorland where I arrived highly motivated after the podium from Misano. I didn’t fell comfortable on the bike due to the problems with hopping. I hope to recover the form in Japan.

Rain again. Hello for another week! How was the drive back home for all those of you who’ve been to Alcañiz? I hope it went without problems. For us, this year, at every Grand Prix there’s guaranteed rain. And at Motorland it wasn’t any different. Friday and Saturday were rainy. But still, the Spanish fans are incredible, enduring the cold and the rain to be here and suport us. For me that was the best thing about the weekend.

Problems with “hopping”. I arrived extremely eager to do a good race, I had a lot of confidence after the podium in Misano and also in front of the fans, here at home. I knew, but didn’t want to believe, that it was going to be a difficult weekend, because in the test we did at Motorland after the Catalunya Grand Prix we experienced big problems with hopping – the bike starts to jump under braking and the tyres lose contact with the asphalt. After the race in San Marino I thought that this was solved a little bit and it would go better. But it didn’t. Even in the wet practice sessions I had this problem. Until we rode in the dry during the qualifying we weren’t able to really look for a solution. We didn’t find one and I had my worst qualifying of the whole season. It was a desaster, because I couldn’t ride well.

Left in no-man’s-land. On Sunday finally the sun came out. But only in the sky, because we didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel of our problems. My goal was to finish the race making up as many positions as possible. It’s frustrating when one weekend you’re fighting for the podium and the next one you have to be careful just not to crash. That was what happened and I couldn’t do anything. I had a good start, gained a few positions. Then there were a few race incidents and I was left with sixth position in no-man’s-land. I the beginning I tried to force it to hang on to the podium group, but I saw that little by little they got away from me and I couldn’t push harder, because I was already going over the limit. I finished the race maintaining the pace and in the end we managed to save face although we couldn’t resolve the problem. It wasn’t the result I wanted when I was on my way there, but when it can’t be, it can’t be.

MotoGP is not decided yet. I think we still have some championship left in MotoGP. Pedrosa is very strong and Lorenzo won’t risk more than necessary. In this championship everything can happen and four races are a lot of points. Moto2 was a real battle. At every race, at the time of Moto2, it’s for me to relax until it’s my turn and sometimes I’m so relaxed that I even catch a nap. This time I sat wide-eyed watching the spectacle of the fight for second place. Espargaro did a great race and knew when to push at the end to open a gap and with that take victory. Between Márquez, Redding and Iannone it was beyond words, every corner seemed like the last, it was amazing! In the championship I think Marc has a comfortable lead, but he can’t rest much. In Moto3, what a pity for Maverick. It must have been an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness for him. With that non-score he almost hands the championship trophy to Cortese who fought hard to get on the podium. Very strong Salom, who after a crash on Saturday where it was said he broke his collarbone and another one during warmup, took a hard-fought victory and moves into second in the championship. If he had been a little more consistent at the start of the year he could now make it more difficult for Cortese, but he’s a little far away.

Three weeks on the other side of the world. I’ll spend a week at home, training hard and preparing for what comes next. Three consecutive weeks of racing on the other side of the world: Japan, Malaysia and Australia. It’s the final stretch of the championship and I want to finish it with a good feeling. We will work as good as we can to make the bike work and give me the confidence to enjoy myself and get good results. Despite the last race I feel more motivated than ever to get where we need to be, so be assured that I’ll do my best in the next rounds. Greetings to all and have a nice week!


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