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Álvaro confident for 2012 challenge: “The podium is within my reach this season” published some statements from Álvaro from the official Gresini team presentation at Milan today. Álvaro talks a bit more about the technical aspects of his new Honda and his goals for this season.

Álvaro with new teammate Michele Pirro and team boss Fausto Gresini /

Alvaro Bautista appears calm and motivated at the presentation of the San Carlo Gresini team, the two test sessions in Malaysia gave him confidence that the new Honda RC213V is the right bike for aiming high after two seasons in MotoGP where he on the Suzuki he couldn’t get the results he’d hoped for, although last season he could sometimes enjoy the thrill of fighting with the best. “The positions of Stoner and Pedrosa at Sepang, first and second, have shown that this is one of the strongest bikes, if not the best. Now it’s up to us to exploit the full potential”, says the Spaniard.

What was your first impression when you rode the Honda?
“I thought it was immediately easier than the Suzuki, the power delivery is smoother, you have to work less with your body out of the corners, for me it even seemed to be less than 800cc.”

Is that all due to the electronics?
“It has many more parameters to work with than the Suzuki, but the engine has the part which makes it ‘easy’.”

How does that affect the riding?
“I can be more consistent. It allows me to have a better race pace without taking too many risks. It gives you more certainty.”

In contrast to last year?
“I was riding on the limit, I could make some fast laps, but it was difficult to repeat them throughout the race.”

Was that the reason for the crashes?
“Yes, in a sense it’s the same thing that’s happened to Valentino Rossi. When I saw the others close, I tried to push even more and ended up in the gravel.”

Did you have the same bike in Sepang as the official team?
“Regarding engine and electronics, yes. But I did not have the latest development of the frame. For the first race, however, Honda has assured us that all four bikes will be equal. For the changes during the season they will also take into account the championship standings.”

You didn’t have the problem with chattering.
“No, I don’t know whether it is due to my riding style or because we use different suspension {Álvaro uses Showa instead of Öhlins]. We hope not to run into that problem later on.”

What will you work on in Jerez?
“We will focus on the electronics management. We must find the right balance between support and performance, what limit allows you to safely push hard.”

Does the riding style change a lot from 800cc to 1000cc?
“You feel the four additional kilos, especially in the corners, where the bike goes more towards the outside, and under braking, adding to the fact that we reach higher speeds. There is more inertia, so we have to review our references, but then you can take the same line as before. ”

What do you think of the CRT?
“They are slow [laughs]. But the real problem is not the bike, but riders on them. I know that Edwards and De Puniet have a lot of experience and know how to behave when they have a run in with the faster bikes, but the others? Already the fact of being for the first time in MotoGP could push them to some mistake, especially in qualifying there could be some risky situations. I hope nothing happens. ”

How do you feel with your new team?
“I already knew my new chief mechanic Antonio Jimenez from before and I have a good relationship with the whole team, everyone’s so focused and this gives me confidence. Fausto Gresini welcomed me as if we had already worked together forever.”

What are the goals for this season?
“The important thing is to give 100% and manage to be always among the lead group or close to them, Then, to get on the podium, which I haven’t done yet in MotoGP, but this year I have the opportunity to do so.”


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