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Adding Pramac to the list: Yet more news on Bati’s 2012 offers

Seemingly not a day goes by at the moment without a journalist asking Álvaro what he’s going to do next year and for which team he’ll be riding in MotoGP.

Consequently, there’s another short interview with him, published today by motocuatro who were talking to him at Motorland Aragon where he had to answer the same question again for several journalists.

One interesting new tidbit however has been the addition of Pramac Ducati to the list of teams that have given Álvaro an offer to ride with them next season. But, in any case, seeing that he also has an offer from Aspar to ride a satellite Ducati, it’s highly unlikely Pramac would be his first choice for next year. That privilege still lies with Suzuki until he finds out for sure about their current 1000cc development.

“I know that Suzuki wants me and want to continue the project with me, but I don’t know with which project; I don’t know what they have and what they don’t have. This week we will talk with them and they will explain it to us, so far I’ve heard that they want me and that the 1000cc is out on track in Japan, but we have nothing on paper that says what their project really is.

I have offers from Tech 3, from Aspar and Pramac, but those are issues that my representative takes care of; at the end I will make the decision, I am the one who knows what I want and what I need. I hope this weekend we will have everything clear about the project of Suzuki and make a decision as soon as possible.

I am clear about the fact that I want to ride a 1000cc, when now with the 800cc we already struggle to follow the guys in front, competing against the 1000cc won’t be good.

The options we have are good, but not the best; the best ones are already taken, but it is true that we are at a good moment of the season, better than the beginning, and we can do a little more.”


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