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Surprise guest: Alvaro delivers present to hospital

Alvaro was the surprise guest at the delivery of a special present to the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos in Toledo yesterday.
The Spanish motorcycle organisation Lucha Motera had started a charity auction of a flag with autographs of various MotoGP riders, including Alvaro’s, which ended earlier this month. All profits from the auction went directly to the hospital. However, the winner of the auction – Easyrace, an association for amateur and professional racers – decided to give the flag to two of their associates who are currently treated in that very hospital.

Since Alvaro already has good ties to the hospital after auctioning off his gear for a final bidding price of 2.020 Euros and personally delivering the cheque, Lucha Motera asked him if he’d be the surprise guest when they bring the flag to their new owners and of course he agreed.

And a true surprise he was when he was greeted by one of the recipients with a stunned “What are you doing here?”. A quickly ensuing chat about Bati’s new endeavour in the MotoGP class, the Suzuki and more rounded off the day.

To read the full story of the visit (in Spanish) click here.

Picture by Selva Mayo.

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